• Provide market evaluation and expertise to  potential European Retailers and Consumer goods companies for viability of marketing in the USA
  • Perform cash flow analysis to improve both profit and balance sheet
  • Profit and Loss analysis of existing customer base
  • Review of retail metrics
  • Evaluate alternative channels of distribution, and business development
  • Perform due diligence to review product, competitive position and growth potential of potential acquisition candidates

  • Mall tours to evaluate competition and give insight on trends
  • Private meetings to discuss large cap consumer and retail companies and their competitive position and potential
  • Review of retail metrics
  • Real Estate evaluation
  • Perform due diligence to review  product, competitive position and growth potential of potential  acquisition candidates
  • Suggest best practices, expense reduction and efficiencies
  • Strategic sourcing initiatives
  • Merchandising and Planning know how
  • Information technology and inventory control

  • Store operations expertise
  • Systems and performance managemen
  • Multi-channel optimization
  • Facilitate meeting with key suppliers to encourage greater profitability with Win- Win strategies
  • Review of Organizational  Charts and key personne
Small to Mid Size Company Advisory

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